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Wifi connection problem

Great app but the connection problem still exist

Mais pourquoi ?

Hi How do we get back to english language please ? French words are longer and do not fit correctly, and some words are missing. The plus app was ok... I do not see the point to change some user settings whitout asking permission to the user, neither do I understand the point to change the language of an app from english to french when this app is used to buy and read ENGLISH comics. If you buy english comics you are understanding english.... Bref Comment on repasse en anglais ???

Big mess

Impossible to download the update. After having deleted the app, no way to get it again. Time to do something.

Major bug on latest version

The last bug decribed below is now fixed with the latest version. The app design is improved but some occasional bugs occurs while reading panels back and forth! Prices are still a tad expansives. The app saved my last reading, fine but it crashes 5 seconds after the app is loaded when I came back to it. It shuts down. Impossible to go to the menus before it crashes! Its a shame if I have to reinstal the app and download again all my comics (quite a lot as Im an avid user of the app) I wont give a note on this post, till its fixed somehow...

Not Working ?

On iPad 2, no data downloaded... Even after full reinstall... Strange. Waiting for an answer from their support...

Cest dur

À quand les comics disponible en version française. Cest dautant plus dommage quon les trouve en version papier dans le commerce mais en numérique impossible. Pourquoi ne pas faire un partenariat avec Panini qui a déjà un bon nombre de Marvel en français. When the French version available comics. It is a pity they are found in print in trade but not digital. Why not make a partnership with Panini, which already has a number of Marvel French.

Impressive graphics, amazing animation

The app itself is great, and the concept of bringing the comics into a digital atmosphere turns the reading even more fascinating. It is not as just reading a *.pdf version of a comics, but incredibly interactive, thanks to the iOS platform! My only two minor comments are 1) Sometimes comics appear blurred in grey after purchased and downloaded; and 2) There is no way to download the comics you bought from the telephone/iPad to your computer, even though you actually paid for it. Unlike an mp3 file, which feels more "physical" due to such possibility of bringing it from anywhere to any device, as you may decide or like, your comics file is stuck to your app (not the device) for good.... I hope they fix this issue ASAP.

It is a shame...

I have an iPad... so, they make us think that if we subscribe on their site, we can read the issues on the iOS app. They fool their clients! It is a shame...

The app locking and shutting down.

I have a iPod touch. I Sony can read any comício because the app is locking and shutting down.

Where is the language version of Brazilian-Portuguese?

App would be a 5 (five) star if he had a Brazilian-Portuguese version. When Marvel Comics will offer a Brazilian-Portuguese version for the iPad? When? Please make a version of Brazilian-Portuguese language!

Its good so much

Its good app, I was waiting for this.


The description presents language portuguese, but is not real. Sad, very sad

Has Portuguese(Brazil)

Hás Portuguese and has also not New Episode (Type for Next Month November, December and so Forth, updated say), What a Disappointment.Please ask you humbly concerta.Obrigado.


Absolut SUPER !!!!!!! Fuer Comics mit deutscher Sprache wuerde ich defintiv auch mehr bezahlen. More german comics,more convincience, more money for Marvel ! Think about it !!!!


app crashes everytime on startup since latest update


Sometimes it works just fine, then I suddenly cant buy comics anymore, because the prices dont appear. Hey, if Marvel doesnt want my money...


Still crashing at the beginning cant use it please fix it iPad 3G

So sad always server error

I enjoyed this app in the past alot but now I cannot download any of my payed comics it always stops and says file corrupt / server error


Normally good, but broken for me since last update... cant actually download what I bought (nor see previously downloaded titles in overview anymore).

Would ne great without bugs

Wish list is not showing up in smart lists. Therefore books cannot be added. And there are no access to the wish list. Not using the app anymore with these bugs.

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