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Need italian

the same crashes then the previous one...

still crashing on ipad

No other lenguage

Please also put the Italian versions of the comics

Italian please!

We need the italian version!

Update ruined this app

After the update, half of my library does not show up. Those that do will not open. Fix it soon or I will simply delete the app and use another.


So The app is telling me I dont have any comics which is odd because I currently have 42. So this update is trash and I will be contacting the better business bureau if this isnt resolved in 48 hours. I spent money on these so I deserve to get the service.

Redeemed comics wont show.

Redeemed a couple of comics thru the free digital code that comes with physical copies. They didnt show up for hours as they usually do so I reinstalled. Now my entire library is missing. Very frustrating as this is my preferred way to read.

Stupid sign in and password issues!

Months ago I would have gave this a perfect 5 stars. Now since this most recent update. Marvel made me reset my password and re-register my email. Now I can Only log in and use the service on my computer! It wont allow me to log in on any other device, Phone or tablet! Whats the fu**in point in the app if I cant log-in!!!!! I have over 45 digital comics that I cant even read on a 5 hour road trip! Thanks for Nothing Marvel!!!

What a Hassle!

Created an account and downloaded the app to redeem free digital comics. What a waste of time! Password issues and confusing navigation. Deleted :(


worst app ever first book I bought took my money but did not let me read it


You guys have locked people out of their accounts and some customers put down a lot of money on their comics so either you guys can fix this like immediately or give customers their hard earned money back.

Cant read comics.

Browsing works fine. Buying works fine. Search works fine. Opening comics you just paid for does not work. Seriously, Marvel, get it together. What kind of imbeciles are you hiring to develop your app?

Unable to download

Having major issues downloading comics unless its immediately after purchasing. There is no customer service. This is ridiculous. I now see other people have complained about this and there seems to be no response from the company as to how they plan to resolve this.

A Solid App For Finding and Reading Great Comics!

I appreciate the logical and seamless integration between the store, my collection and the reading interface. I tend to read most of weekly comics on the app using the digital code included with Marvels print comics. Customer service can be slow, but theyre always good about resolving occasional redemption errors.

Pretty ok..

Wish I could redeem digital copy right in the app instead of having to go to the website, login, redeem code, then go refresh the app and wait for it to download. Why cant we snap a picture of the digital copy code or type it in and upload straight in the app?

New Bugs

The wish list has disappeared from the smart list; but when selecting a comic you still have the choice to purchase or flag it for wish list. Please fix this and hopefully this bug didnt dump all of our content in the list. Other than that, this App is still premo-awesome. Well they fixed it within a day..who needs geek squad..App running like a champ again!

Cant download comic that I paid for

I paid $5 for Black Panther #1 and of course, I cant download the comic. I tap the download button and it just cancels it instantly so it never actually downloads. Terrible app.

Fix the updates

Where did the wish list go! Its not under smart list anymore. Please fix it and Ill change my review.

Locked out

The app would not let me download comics I had purchased. I deleted the app and redownloaded the app. I attempted to log in and now it says my account is locked out! It asks me to reset my password but when I follow the procedures, it does not recognize my email. I cant believe this app is stealing peoples money. Marvel get your act together!

It wont let me sign in

So I dont have access to any of the comics I bought. This is a great way to throw your money away.

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