Marvel Comics App Reviews

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I want you to know that I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!!! Can you please add the pre order section to the app please?

Please fix this

I love this app so much but the but the wish list choice does not work!!

Not free

I thought this was a comic app but when you open it, you have to purchase EVERYTHING. Great

Save your money

After several attempts to contact customer support after I was locked out of my account and my access blocked to my purchased comics, I have yet to hear from anybody! Go to your local comic store and buy DC. Marvel obviously doesnt care about their fans or customers.

Good app...if it works!

Ive been having a few problems with the Marvel app since the update. Crashes at startup or reading a comic, losing purchases or even free comics, and download errors should NOT be a part of the function of the app. Please clear these technical problems to improve the reliability of an otherwise satisfactory app. Also, please improve your tech support. Update: It looks like this app has more problems than originally expected. Im not sure how Marvel and I will get along. Ill just continue finding print comics.

Impossible to navigate

Most frustrating. I purchased several comics and am willing to walk away and lose the money so that I dont have to deal with the app anymore.

Cant even use it.

Well now that I have an iPad Pro and downloaded the new update I cant even log in! Whats wrong with the people who developed this app. I have spent a considerable amount of money on digital comics and now I cant even read them. I cant even read them through Safari. Contacted marvel and have gotten no response.

Spider Gwen

Alright, I dont ever really have problems with this app. Ya know the comics are pricey but I aint complaining I like every single one I buy. Ive invested a lot of money on comics using this app. So of course it would bother me if I cant download a comic that I bought. I tried buying Spider Gwen #1, and I paid for it and everything because iTunes sent me my receipt for it, but it stays saying "Purchasing". I even went to the website and bought it yet again to see if itll redirect me to the app and allow me to download it like that. It required me to sign in which I was gonna do but when I pushed continue to verify it was my account the log in screen just blanked out. I bought it twice for no reason. Its an issue but I feel like it can be easily corrected.

Sorta good

Seems like a great app. Most of its functions seem to work. However, the wishlist does not work. I see no way to even view it. Sorta bummed

Wont give my comics back

Wont restore my comics. Says account is locked and has sent email to unlock, but email doesnt arrive and all my purchases remain missing. Feedback form in app doesnt function on iPad Pro and no other contact method available through app. Very poor quality and Ive paid for things I can use.


This worked for me... Restore your purchases and delete the app. Get it again and create a new account and app works least for me.

Terrible after updated

Whoever wrote the update for this app just messed over Marvel big time. I was digging the new SW comics and had over $20 in them alone. Update came along and locked my account. It told me I had to reset my password. I did that, got confirmation from the website. I tried my new password and...nope! So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and... Not a chance in he**. They have $20+ and I have no comics. Hey geniuses, DCs app doesnt have this problem, and I am happy to pay for a digital comic. Maybe you should fix this, or maybe my mint will just go toDC.


Please make an in app redemption process for comics. Its annoying to have to go to the website

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