Marvel Comics App Reviews

173 add

Doesnt work

Fix comics not all download update needed!

Pretty Good

It ight dawg

Buggy - spoils the good stories!

1. Does NOT zoom by any means! 2. Hard to read without zoom! 3. Turning sideways not always work! 4. Bad experience.

Great App

Very well organized and easy to use.

The best

Just plain awesome :)

Love this app

Its great. I use it everyday.

This is great!

Its great. I use it everyday.


Really enjoying it.

Love it!!

interface is great! 

Not bad, could be better

My only gripe with the app is that I cant redeem my comic codes within the app. I have to go into a browser, sign in again and then redeem my code. It would be way more convenient if I could just redeem the codes I have within the app

Comics are extremely expensive

Im in shock at how much the comics cost, especially in digital format. Is Marvel not aware how easy it is to get this content for free? App is great and there is some (unappealing) free content but $20 for a Dr. strange back-issue? Get real. Please?

In app purchases broken on iPad

The last update has removed the ability to buy comics from within the app on iPad. Works on iPhone so I think this is a bug rather than a move to ruin the experience as Comixology did with their own app.


Purchased first comic, would not recognize that I paid for it for 5 minutes then it refused to download because of "error". Very helpful.

Cant read anything.

"The file is either corrupt or missing on the server" - no Star Wars comic, just an error message. Will be seeking a refund if this does not get solved within 48 hours. Regardless of whether it gets solved, buyer beware: for now stay away from this.

Dont bother

With Apples price hike in Canada on apps and IAPs, think twice before purchasing thru this app. It may be cheaper to purchase thru Comixology directly depending on your local taxes and the current exchange rate

Decent app

Just wish that once I downloaded the comics, I didnt have to be on wifi to read them. I read on my commute on the underground. Also, I wish there were a way to sync release dates of comic series Im purchasing with my calendar, or have a release page so I can check for my comics.

Error error error

Corrupt file error error

Love it

Finally Ive been looking to dwell deep in the comic lore of marvel and this great app delivers it all in one go! Best part is that once you buy the comics you basically own them forever. And the organization of your purchased comics make it so much more easier than I have ever thought of. Definitely an easy 5 star I my books.

Rekindled my love for comics!

This app is perfect! Never fails and keeps delivering amazing comics at reasonable prices! Sales are frequent and advertised on the home page of the app. Really top class! Highly recommend!


Oh my gosh why do all of them require purchase please make all of them free then I will enjoy this app but until then NO!!!!!

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