Marvel Comics App Reviews

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The app is amazing!!!!!!!

Marvel has made an app where I can read my comics without bringing the paper printouts!!! I can read them anywhere


I love the comics but this app has very expensive comics.

Rip off

After update it wont restore my prior purchases. Lost a lot of $$ because if this rip off.

Meant To Be

Great app but not without its tiny minuscule blemishes that pop up once and awhile. Overall the convenience of taking any comics I want, any where I want, far out weigh any glitches or problems Ive encountered.

Please fix this immediately

After this last update, I started the app logged out. Tried to login and got username/password error. Even after I chose "forgot password" and followed all the instructions to password reset, I still get the same error message. Also, cannot download any books, previously purchased or newly purchased. iPad Air 2, iOS 9.1

Cannot download issues anymore

Please fix issue with downloading purchases from iTunes. Get file missing our corrupt pop up box and issues never down load. Happens on devices running iOS 8 and 7

Dec 4 update needs fixed

Updates are supposed to improve apps, not break them. Cant download new purchases. Specifically, the download button on in app purchases doesnt work now. Id advise avoiding this app until a new update with an appropriate fix is delivered.

Unable to Download Books

This update wiped my library, and now Im unable to download any books, new and old. In this stage, this app is completely useless as I cant read any of the books Ive purchased. This demands a patch

Cant download previous bought comics

I cant download and read previous purchases! I spent good money and this is ripping me off. Please fix. If fixed it is a great app and will re-review.

New update huge problem

I love this app but the new update not only wont allow me to download new purchases but it took all my old purchases off and I had to restore my purchases but me oh my guess what it cant download "new purchases" even though theyre old and already were on there so Im literally stuck with nothing here please fix immediately

Version 3.8

I dont know who Beta tests the Marvel Comics App updates, but they need to be fired immediately. With version 3.8, which is the iOS 9 compatibility update, the app immediately logs you out after updating. Many users are reporting difficulty logging back in (password errors, etc.) and the absence of previously present libraries, as well as the inability to download new purchases. Dont download Version 3.8, it has several app-breaking bugs that need to be fixed.


DO NOT UPDATE TO LATEST VERSION! i did and it deleted all comics i had purchased. i was able to retrieve most of them with comixology help but not all. i kept hitting restore purchases and there were still titles missing. now all of a sudden it crashes every single time i open it! not even sure how to deal with this any longer. and what about all comics i purchased in the past 4 years? this is a mess!

fix it !!!!!!

hey marvel im buying each issue for 3.99 and u wont let me download them so fix the problem it aint like your giving them up for free so fix the PROBLEM

Please fix

Under normal circumstances I would rate this app 4 or 5 stars. I love reading comics on my phone and Ive been a marvel fan boy since I was in middle school. Unfortunately the recent update for this app has made downloading purchases/comics a crap-shoot. I purchased a couple comics today and one of them downloaded and read fine, the other, "Secret Wars" #8, has been stuck on "purchasing" for 12 hours. Resetting the phone, turning the phone on/off, closing the app, nothing gets it to stop "purchasing" and begin downloading. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to get results

Where did my comics go?

A lot of my comics have disappeared from the app. Most are still in my library on their site, but even some of those are gone. When I show my collection side by side, on the website and in the app, there 14 on the site that dont even show up in the app. Seriously? Dont even make an app if youre going to screw up peoples purchased content.

Crashes constantly

This new update is horrible. The app crashes constantly and I cant access my books.

Fix this

Deleted all of my comics and logging in only brings up like 10 out of hundreds Ive bought. Poor customer service.

Cannot download anymore

Able to download again. Things are good again.

Really? Did the update get tested??

I updated to the 3.8 version and all of my books are gone. I am apparently not alone. Can I rate zero stars??


Im a huge comic fan. I especially love Marvel. This app was amazing, when it worked. Just recently I have spent quite an amount of money to buy a collected edition of a major story arc also knows as Original Sin. Now the application wont let me download my comic. I deleted the application and deleted some of the comics I already had to make sure this wasnt a storage problem. It still wont download. I just lost a lot of money because of a bug. Dont do the same I did dont download the app.

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