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When is the new update because I want to buy more thunderbolt

Please fix this

I love this app so much but the but the wish list choice does Not WORK


Crushes of this app are so often it wont even allow to scroll the bought comics right. All those constant logins and password confirmations dont help to protect anything. Experienced with almost everything Marvel fails me with a single app. What a pity.


So I was trying to download comics with the password thing from inside the comics. It said I had redacted them or whatever but they were not in my comic library! I was planing to read them on my phone on a road trip and didnt want to bring the physical comics! But now I cant. This is extraordinarily aggravating because now I cant redeem them for I all ready used the code. Marcel you are better than this. Fix it.

Please update to iPad Pro size

This app isnt configured for iPad Pro size yet, so its just a blown up iPad app. The keyboard is awkwardly to large along with everything else. Please update!

Doesnt work

Purchases dont show up. Crashes all the time. Not worth it.

Its a great app, but...

I really wish they would add the ability to redeem the digital copy codes in the app so I dont have to go to the website and go through that hassle to redeem before I can download it to the app. Other than that issue, I love the app!

Love the app but.....

Love it. My only complaint is the summary page does not list the original print publication date. As a hobbiest it would be helpful. Otherwise awesome

Am I missing something...

Or is there just no search option? Ive been trying to find a specific comic and theres no way to search for just that. I guess Im so pose to just scroll through things till its found...

Locked out?

Locked out of my account, password reset links dont work, comics wont download. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and then at least the comics would download.

A Perfect Way to Read Your Favorite Comics

Alongside buying the actual physical copy, this is the best way to get your favorite comics. Highly recommend!

App doesnt open any more.

Fix it!


With the new update I cant even sign in to my account to read my comics ugh. Please fix.

App wont open on iPad Pro after update yesterday

Crashes after every try to open the app. Please help!

Very disappointed

The new update has slowed the app to a crawl it lags completely takes upwards of 10-15 sec to open a book and at least a minute in most cases to open and display my library and menu transition is a joke it also keeps clearing my downloaded library

Crashes every time I open the app now.

Every time I open the app on iPhone 7 plus it crashes immediately after displaying the crash report dialog box.

App no longer opens

App no longer opens. Cant buy or access comics.

Kinda worth it. Kinda

Its lame how the comic codes and expire. Its also lame how they charge full price for comics. I can buy these in stores and get the hard copy and the digital copy free. Feel kinda ripped off.

Latest update offers many bugs

Smart lists are broke as are notifications and wish list. Better off using the web version!

Friendly greetings

Why is Unlimited telling me "good morning" and how do I get rid of it?

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